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20. November 2011

#01 Take a look at the Lookbook: Becky C.

How and when did you find the page lookbook.nu?

I first heard of Lookbook about 18 months ago when it was still invite-only. I was following Shelley Mulshine's blog and she was a member so that's how I heard about it.

Who take outfit pictures of you?
I usually take photos myself. Sometimes my partner takes them but as he is at work a lot of the time, I set up my tripod and do it myself.

What's fashion for you?
For me, fashion is about having fun, expressing yourself and embracing creativity. Fashion encourages you to take risks, especially if you are on a low income- you have to be imaginative to get good looks without spending a lot.

Describe your style in few sentences:
My style is an eclectic mix- rock chick meets vintage princess.

Where do you've got your inspiration for your outfits?

I get inspiration from all over the place. Mostly other people- Helena Bonham Carter, Gerard Way and Tim Burton are my main sources of inspiration as well as people I see on the street. I can also be inspired by an item, a location or music.

Do you have a blog or website?
No, I don't have a blog. I used to have a couple but I haven't updated it in months. I pretty much use Lookbook as my blog.

What's why I love the style of Becky:
Cute skirts, dot pattern ... all things I didn't wear two years ago. In my youth I was a punk chic but then I outgrow of the checked mini skirts and skulls.
But sincy I study and have theatre as a hobby my sense of style changes - you could say I became more confident to wear cute skirts and dresses. Especially this summer, when I played two little roles of two very different teenage girls, my style became more girly again.

So, why I am telling you this about myself?
Because what's why I really like the outfits of Becky.

She has got a cute style with dots, skirts and vintage elements.
She's got wonderful necklares and all of her outfits are creative but wearable.
So take a look at her outfits, I can just recommend it!

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